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    Questionnaire sur mon apprentissage en lien avec le numérique

    In this course, you will learn about segregation in the USA and how it finally ended. Follow the stories of:

             Rosa Parks : work in groups to imagine and create the dialogue that changed  history that day of 1955

    Skills: practise writing and speaking in interaction


    Ruby Bridges: study Norman Rockwell's painting the problem we all live with / choose a painting and learn to comment on it (you can work in pairs)/ watch a video of Ruby Bridges and answer questions to make sure you understand.

    Skills: Practise listening comprehension, writing, speaking to an audience.


    Martin Luther King: work in pairs to write a short biography about him/ watch his speech and explain why he is a good orator/ study a part of his speech and try to understand/ write a speech on a subject that is important to you

    Skills: practise writing, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, writing and speaking to an audience

    You can work on your skills:
    - linguistics (gramma/vocabulary/phonology)
    - writing
    - reading comprehension
    - listening comprehension
    - speaking (spoken interactions or  learn to make/improve a presentation)